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We have prepared one main package of services, including all the essential necessities you will need prior and after your arrival in Denmark and one optional add-on service to ensure your full comfort from your first day in Denmark. Our services Browse our services

Slide Your Guide Pack Providing you with all the important necessities you need, both before and after your arrival in Denmark Provide you with a paid profile at Denmark’s biggest accommodation website – FOR FREE (it usually costs €43)

Help you avoid scammers by visiting the accommodation and meeting your potential landlord in person (only when you purchased Avoid Getting Scammed)

Go through your accommodation contract and check for inconsistencies or terms you were not aware of (only when you purchased Avoid Getting Scammed)

Assist you with the application form and help you prepare all required documents for your Residence Permit and CPR

Provide you with a personal counselor, who will be at your disposal every day, via email correspondence
1. Before you arrive in Denmark, we will:

Slide Assign a personal consultant, guiding you for 15 days after you have arrived in the country, via emails and phone calls

We will accompany you to the institution responsible for your Residence Permit and consult you for the later CPR application (only for Copenhagen Area and Sjælland Region)

Connect you to at least 3 trusted part-time student job companies and assist you in the job application process

Invite you to our LIVE webinar in which we will consult and guide you through the most important processes and the topics of:

• Managing your tax cards and avoid paying higher taxes
• How to apply for the SU grant and get paid €815/month
• Get a financial help for paying a part of your rent
• Guidance on the application for other financial benefits
• What is a NemID and why is it so important to have it
• Other important tips and tricks
2. After you have arrived in Denmark, we will:

Slide €189 one-time fee, incl. VAT Book now

Avoid getting scammed Thousands of students are being scammed every year!
We will make sure you avoid fake accommodation offers, by investigating and getting in touch with the landlord. We will also arrange one meeting with the landlord and visit the apartment on your behalf to check the legitimacy of the offer!
We will also go through your accommodation contract and check the terms for inconsistencies.
*Available only for Zealand Region and Copenhagen area and can only be purchased together with our main pack of services. Book now €69 one-time fee, incl. VAT

Slide All of our customers will receive their own paid profile at Denmark's biggest accommodation platform, free of charge! That way you will be a step ahead and also avoid paying the price of 39 EUR to get the profile on your own. Finding Accommodation With us, you will benefit from a personal counsellor from the moment you contacted us, up through the first 15 days after your arrival in Denmark. With our personal counsellor you will save time, avoid mistakes and have a stress-free start of your new life! Job application & guidance We will help you boost your chances of securing a flexible student job with trusted employers. By choosing us, you will be a step ahead of the other job seekers - we will connect you with companies and assist you in the job application process. Residence Permit within a day The residence permit is crucial so you can legally stay in Denmark. Without it, you aren't able to apply for student grants, have a doctor or a student travel card. Most students take up to 3 months until they receive theirs, together, we can get it for you in just a day if we do it within a predetermined time frame. Student Grant - 815 EUR /month The student grant might be a huge help for you, especially after all the costs you had, related to your coming to Denmark. During our webinar, we will guide you through the application process, explain the conditions and the requirements, and point out common mistakes and how to avoid them. Financial help on your rent In Denmark, you are eligible for receiving a monthly deduction of your rent, depending on your income. You need to fill in an application to the municipality and on our seminar, we will help you do that, so you can start receiving your rent help as soon as possible. Open your first bank account Unemployment benefits In Denmark, you are eligible to receive financial help if you are unemployed. To do so, you need to be a member of a union. Unions also work for your employee protection and on our seminar, we will explain all you need to know about joining. Manage your taxes To start receiving your salary and student grant, you need a bank account and a NemID- a key card that you use as a login to various institutions' websites. On our seminar, we will walk you through the process of applying and the way to register your card to the authorities (Nem Konto). The tax system in Denmark is complicated and many newcomers make mistakes that result in them paying money back or receiving less than they should. In our seminar, we will explain how to create your tax cards specifically for your situation and help you manage them. Personal Counsellor

Ivanela Blagoeva Ivanela Blagoeva Student in KEA School of Design and Technology My personal Guide-Edi Boyanov explained in details how
to manage my taxes and avoid paying higher tax % or
paying taxes back at the end of the year.Because of
Your Guide's service, now I feel secured and confident
to start my life in Denmark without problems!"
" Check out this review in
Vasil Georgiev Vasil Georgiev Student in KEA School of Design and Technology The service that YourGuide Denmark provides to the
customers is great. They help me so much. The lecture
Edi Boyanov told to us all about the tax cards, SU, transport,
all documents and help us to make them and I don't know
for the others but I have success with the job interview."
" Check out this review in
Alexander Varchev Alexander Varchev Student in ZIBAT Business Academy, Campus Roskilde Your Guide Denmark helped me with all the needed documentation like getting a
CPR number and explained all about the tax cards and NEM ID and other important
things. The service is good and Your Guide Denmark cares about their customers.
They have answered my every question. With other words Your Guide Denmark
helped me start my life in Denmark without extra nerves and problems."
" Check out this review in