Welcome to Denmark
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Welcome to Your Guide Denmark!

We are a team of internationals dedicated to help other newcomers get settled in quickly. We will save you the hassle of dealing with documents, will connect you with trusted employers to help you get a student job and will help you apply for all student benefits in Denmark.
We make all this happen in only 2 days, while you will have a personal assistant from our team guiding you and answering all your questions. We are passionate about helping you and making your arrival to Denmark easy and stress-free.

We are reliable

Our team communicates directly with institutions and works very hard to stay updated and provide you with the most accurate information.

We do everything with you

You will be assigned a personal guide from our team who will come with you to all the institutions and walk you through all the processes.

We save you time and trouble

With us, you will be able to get settled in Denmark in just a few days and save yourself the stress and mistakes you could make if you were on your own.

Our team is experienced

We are trained in all the processes you have to go through in your first months in Denmark and as internationals, we have been through them ourselves.

Pay when you meet us

We don't ask you to submit any credit card information to buy our services- you can simply pay us when you arrive and meet us.

We will be there for you

We offer you free support for 1 month after you have settled in. Simply contact us with any questions you might have and we'll assist you right away.